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Large butt?
Its odd, im a guy, im fit (abs and so on) yet i still have a large butt?

I know guys shouldn't care about that but its just so annoying.

are there any exercises that can make it smaller/ more toned? or should i build up to conpensate?
well do luges or squats so it could become firm then your *** will be totally hot
Can genetics pass on a large butt to a male?
Some times a woman get a large butt due to inheritance. Can't this technically occure to males?
Of course it can. Almost any physical characteristics you see on a person can be carried on by genes.
How to get rid of large butt?
Every since i was in school i've always had a large butt. I'm not fat, i actually have a flat stomache and tone arms but my butt and thigs, i cant seem to get rid of the extra weight. I've literally tried every 'butt exercise' known to man. Diet, running, walking, nothing seems to help!
anyone know a workour targeted just for butt and thighs?
I'll tell you the hard truth: You can't spot-exercise for body fat removal. It doesn't work like that. It's a whole body thing. And yes, this can be very frustrating for someone like yourself who, as you stated, is not fat.

Simply, cardio exercise combined with some mild strength training and a healthy diet (not A diet, a healthy lifestyle) is what you need.
Is it attractive for a male to have a large butt?
I'm 16 years old. I play football, lift a lot, and run track. I overhere girls say I have a large butt. Haha, awkward question yes. But I'm curious.
No, your question is not awkward at all. It is normal for a young man to wonder about his body and also it is common for young girls to cause you to feel self-conscious. Ultimately, it depends of the preferences of the individual girl. Just like some guys may like larger boobs than smaller boobs; this is the same concept. It is usually attractive for a male to have a large,firm butt. Plus, if you are playing football, lifting, and running track, I bet you are in very good shape. Don't worry about your butt, one day there will be a girl that loves to grope it. Don't worry about those silly teenage girls.
Is it possible to still have a large butt even if I lose weight?
I'm trying to lose 100 pounds, so far I've dropped 14, is it possible to keep some extra weight in my butt/thighs? I wouldn't mind having weight still in those areas. I was told by someone girls who lose a lot of weight still tend to have large bottoms.
The amount of estrogen in your system dictates where your weight goes, more estrogen = bigger butt and breasts. To keep the weight in your thighs and butt there is only so much that you can do. The type of exercises you do affect where your weight is distributed. I would not recomend squats, running would be mixed. It would make your thigh smaller but muscular. Maybe you should try some weight training.
When caucasian women have a large butt why does look flat from the side?
I've noticed this on a lot of women. When they have a big butt, fromt he back it looks big but from the side it looks flat. Why?
agree with first anser, big is nice and round, what you descibe is flat and wide
What is a jean that will fit athletic teen girl with large butt and thighs?
My daughter is just in middle school but very curvy and extremely muscular. She plays several sports and I find it almost impossible to find her jeans yet that is something that is a "must have" for a teen girl. I was curious if Levi or one of the standard jeans that teens wear makes a cut for larger thighs and hips.
Look for the J.Lo brand.
How do youte rid of a large butt?
What's the best exercise for reducing the size of one's rump, butt, whatever you want to call these larges sacks behind me?
I'm with Linda C, kick him to the curb. Actually, if you haven't been exercising start walking at least 20 minutes if you can. Work up to 40 or more at least 3 days a week and six is better. You can't target where to lose, but you will lose fat and it will eventually come off. Eat smaller but more frequent meals - 6 times a day if you can and that will help. (Reasonably healthy meals.) You didn't get that way overnight, and you won't be a size 2 in a week, but you can get there. Good luck, and don't give up.
What exercises help lose a large butt?
I just had a baby, I still have the baby weight and am looking for the best exercises to lost the weight around my rear, hips and thighs. I am very diligent about watching the amount and types of food that I eat but need help picking the best exercises to minimize my rear. Any suggestions?
You cannot spot reduce. It's a total myth meaning you can't simply perform certain exercises and expect results in that particular area unless you drastically alter your diet and implement some cardio and preferably weights as well. When you lose overall body fat, your butt, along with other parts of your entire body will shrink, not just one part.

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