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What do lesbians consider sleeping together?
I'm a perfectly straight female, but the other night I had a lesbian couple over, and we watched "The L word"?? One of the questions posed was "What constitutes two lesbians sleeping together?". Like when a lesbian says, "We slept together." What does that mean? Foreplay, penetration, etc? I always wondered EXACTLY what that means, but I didn't want to offend them by being waaaay too personal just to satisfy my curiousities....
They define it differently. Some lesbians I know consider sex to be an act where all people involved orgasm. Some consider it to be oral sex, tribalism (grinding) or "strap on" sex. Others think of it as being intimate and only consider sex to be when all of those involved are nude and are doing something sexual (like fingering).

Penetration is not the definition for sex for lesbian couples.
Do lesbians try sleeping with men at least once?
I don't want to be rude at all but I have a couple lesbian friends (I am straight) and I'm curious about something - do most lesbians experiment with men but find it unfulfilling? Cause "doing it" with a man feels so so so unbelievably good. I am not bashing anyone's lifestyle but the male & female forms are meant to "fit" together just in a technical sense. How do lesbians know they won't like it unless they try it? Again no disrespect just curiosity. Thanks!
Because they aren't attracted to me man, emotionally and/or sexually to sleep with them in the first place. I'm not going to go out and find a man and have sex with him simply because i haven't tried it and i don't know if i will like it not. How do you know you wont like sleeping with a women? If you haven't tried it....
Any other lesbians sleep with men but and are not bi?
Okay I have been ******* my male best friend for about a month now and we are the best of friends I mean we are buddies and its fun nothing serious do other lesbians do this?

We both have girlfriends so we can get in trouble for it but we have so much fun I never had fun having sex before,also I have never ****** a guy before him and never wanted to has this happened to you or someone you know?
Dude if you do that you aren't a lesbian.
How come I know more lesbians who have slept with men than I know gay guys who have slept with women?
It's so true!

Every lesbian I know has at least slept with one guy in their life...


Every gay guy I know has NEVER slept with a woman?

Why is this?

Is seems like gay guys are so self-assured and know from Day One they don't like pu$$y...yet lesbians seem to teeter on the edge of hetero and gay and dont know what side to pick!!
well...simply cause men have to get hard before sex, while women just have to lay there. A lesbian woman who doesn't want to come out of the closet doesn't have to "perform" per se during sex, while a man always needs to. btw i'm gay and i've slept with women before...but i'm done with that sh*t
Gays and lesbians, did you ever penetrate your significant other while he/she was sleeping?
How was it? was she/he happy or unhappy about it?
ya know, i'm missing something here...all are talking about it not being 'consentual', but truthfully, if a few hrs ago or whatever u just got done penetrating them while they were awake, and u sleep with them every night, and u 2 r in some sort of a committed relationship, how is it 'non-consentual' or better yet 'rape'?

i've had my ex wife many times crawl on top of me while i was sleeping and go at it, didn't bother me a bit, didn't feel like rape or non consentual, after all we both slept nude anyway. when the feeling comes over someone, isn't it better to do it with their partner than to say, "oh he/she's asleep, i'll go find it someplace else"!

u sleep with that person, u screw that person on a daily or even more often basis, but yet u would call this 'non-consentual' or even 'rape' sigmund freud would say....verrrrry interresting.
I am a lesbian; but I have absolutely no interest in sleeping with women. How do I define myself?
I have no interest in sleeping with men either, because I am a lesbian; but the thought of sleeping with women doesn't appeal to me. I love looking at women. I am attracted to women. I am not attracted to men; but the thought of having sex with a woman doesn't strike my fancy. Anyways I was just wondering how I would define myself.
You need the penis
My lesbian friend is sleeping over at my house..I am a girl?
My friend from California is planning on sleeping over in the summer. She just came out as a lesbian to me so that I don't feel uncomfertable when she sleeps over. It doesn't make a difference whether she is a lesbian or straight, honestly, but this is still an interesting situation. i just want to know if any of you have been in this situation and if it made a difference in the sleepover. Thanks :)
yes, i have.
its truly no different then how it used to be before she came out to me!
i mean, just because shes attracted to girls. doesnt mean shes attracted to every girl! im glad, you dont look at her differently. and you are still her friend! she needs it(:
Would any of you lesbians ever share a 1 bedroom apartment with a guy where you 2 are sleeping in the same?
bedroom either in a king size bed or 2 single beds? if you would, would you sleep next to him in a king sized bed?
Lesbians, which makes you more irked: the idea of sleeping with a attractive man or with a unattractive woman?
Attractive man:…
Unattractive woman:…
Attractive man. It's not about the face; it's about the body part that I absolutely do not want inside me.

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